Hot Tub Cinema: Movie Experience with Inflatable Hot Tubs

Winter is truly a dreadful time when the nights are longer and the days barely even in existence. The good news is that the skies are clearing up and the sun is beginning to rise higher and for longer. This means that summer is coming and what better way to enjoy summer than relaxing outside in an inflatable hot tub.

Chilling inside this is one thing but watching movies whilst inside can be the best possible experience ever. Even the summer can be a bit of a pain sometimes and the hot temperatures can be problematic in certain situations. You can easily use slightly cold water to cool off and now, there are official places that allow you to combine a fantastic movie experience whilst relaxing in a hot tub with your mates.

An inflatable hot tub is the perfect way to watch a movie.
An inflatable hot tub is the perfect way to watch a movie.

Hot Tub Cinema is the name of the game and it is a fantastic experience because it is probably different to anything that you have ever done in the UK before. They aim to use a very simple formula to create the greatest and most memorable night you have ever had with your friends. Watching movies is great but how can that experience be improved? The simple thing to do is to add lots of space, an inflatable hot tub and your friends.

When you go to the cinema, you're not allowed to make too much noise and this is often the biggest drawback because you will get a person behind telling you to shush. The main difference with Hot Tub Cinema is that you can watch or celebrate new and old films. You can eat what you want, you can drink, you can sing and you can definitely get up and start dancing.

It is definitely a night of celebration. It's not really so much about the movie itself but the entire experience. A night like this didn't exist before Hot Tub Cinema came about in the UK and there are several venues to look at.

A blow up hot tub is a great way to enjoy the cinema experience.
A blow up hot tub is a great way to enjoy the cinema experience.

It doesn't have a single location that is permanent but there are events that are organised in different cities. This means that the people are the ones that create the atmosphere and this is something extremely positive.

But one thing to be aware of is that you need to make sure that you end up sitting with your friends. You wouldn't want to end up in an inflatable hot with strangers because that'll just be awkward. One way of doing this would be to get a private tub so that it is only for you and your friends. The main advantage of the blow up hot tub is the portability and this is really what allows the Hot Tub Cinema to function as it is functioning.

You will be able to chill out in the tub that has relaxing hot water in it. In addition to this, there will be all kinds of jets that create a spa effect by producing bubbles and other spa-like features. These features are usually similar in most tubs and there are quite a few of these inflatable hot tub models available as reviewed by Review Insider UK. In the case of Hot Tub Cinema, the tubs used are excellent and are provided by Lay-Z-Spa. These definitely create a very spa-like environment and will be perfect to party while watching a brilliant movie with your friends.

As you can imagine, this is bound to be an extremely pleasurable experience and I can guarantee that it will be different and far better than how you spend your Friday nights on normal weeks.